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Voluptuous brunette Anissa Jolie is fucked in the bathtub


Voluptuous brunette Anissa Jolie seduces with the generosity of her breasts while rinsing herself in the bathtub. Aim the warm water at her large, lush breasts, then point it down to moisten her tender pussy. When she is satisfied that it is clean. Anissa wipes her towels and then takes a bottle of oil that she carries to the room where Michael is resting in bed, waiting.

Delivering the oil, the voluptuous brunette Anissa lets Michael remove the towel. Warm up the body and closely so that you can squeeze and suck on your breasts. Then pour the oil over those generous balloons so that they can really be passionate!

After all Anissa’s tits are lubricated, Michael spreads the oil lower down to cover that wet pussy. A doggy-style slippery cunt that continues until Anissa’s entire body trembles with the force of her climax. In a sexual frenzy for another round of passion, Anissa takes time to lick her own scent from Michael’s fucking stick.

That big dick is a nice bite for lustful beauty, but she goes as deep as she can. Then she stands up and pushes on her slippery breasts to deliver a gentle tug that alternates with sucking. Now that Anissa is ready and ready to cum again. She slides her jugs down Michael’s body in a sensual provocation before sitting on his cock.

A stiff walk leaves her breathless and she moans once more, but it’s not enough to get her out. Rolling onto her side, Michael huddled behind her. Anissa lifts her leg up in the air to welcome her boyfriend. She holds nothing back as she dominates that pussy to orgasm, then retires just in time to cover Anissa’s shaved pussy with an injection of hot cum.

voluptuous brunette Anissa Jolie is fucked in the bathtub
voluptuous brunette Anissa Jolie is fucked in the bathtub
Date: July 23, 2020

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