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Valentina Nappi ends date with her thick bouncing bounces


The lush thick Valentina Nappi dresses in her best clothes. Their date ends at the top of the stairs, with Valentina guiding Alex by his tie. Once they get to the door, Valentina lifts her miniskirt to show her juicy pussy. Bends down so she can get Alex’s cock out and start sucking.

Valentina’s deep efforts are rewarded when Alex fixes her to duck into the top of the stairs as he kneels below her. Her tongue is in the perfect position to lick Valentina’s pussy before concentrating fully on her clit. Lifting her dress higher, Valentina punctuates the warm, wet pressure by massaging her own giant boobs. When Alex stands up and shoves his cock deep into Valentina’s cunt, he also takes care of squeezing and stroking her thick tits.

Lifting one thigh so that her ankle rests on Alex’s shoulder, Valentina gasps with joy as she lets pleasure rush through her. Turning on his hands and knees for a different angle of penetration, he swings back to meet each of Alex’s punches. Alex sits down and guides Valentina’s dripping cunt until she’s completely impaled on his big cock. She rests one foot on Alex’s thigh with the other on the ground.

Lifting the other foot to rest on Alex’s thighs, Valentina works her thick hips until she moans the pleasure of an orgasm that makes her thick and sexy body tremble.  Alex’s lap, Valentina kneels before her boyfriend and strokes his cock before reaching the top. Pulling back, he thrusts her thick breasts to create a channel he can fuck while lubricating the way with saliva. When Alex comes, it explodes all over Valentina’s chest to seal her love with a sticky surprise.

Valentina Nappi ends date with her thick bouncing bounces
Valentina Nappi ends date with her thick bouncing bounces


Date: May 30, 2020

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