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One last wild fuck before the wedding with Veronica Vain


Veronica Vain and her future husband get one last wild fuck after flirting foreplay while on the eve of their wedding. They decide to break the tradition, each of them dressing up in their clothes for the big day and meeting in the living room. Unable to contain himself, Johnny lifts Veronica in her wedding dress and takes her into the room to enjoy bliss before the wedding.

Leaving Veronica in bed with a deep kiss, Johnny dives into her skirt as she removes the voluminous layers. By the time he finally reaches the heart of Veronica’s pleasure, she’s drenched and ready for whatever he gives her. Her tongue is hot and familiar in her slippery folds as she goes to celebrate her tight pussy for your pleasure.

Going back in favor of oral sex, Veronica pulls Johnny’s fucking stick out of her pants and starts sucking. Her hands and tongue work in tandem as she strokes and licks in a lustful rhythm. She could eagerly continue eating Johnny’s cock, but he wants to enjoy his girlfriend in a harder way and Veronica is so happy to let him get away with it.

Veronica takes off her dress and perches on her hands and knees. It is an impressive sight with her high heels and her garter belt when Johnny comes up behind her. Anchors his hands on her hips. Slipping, he follows the direction of her loud moans to give his girlfriend a hard blow to the pussy.

She then steps back, putting her fingers to work as her tongue caresses Veronica’s anus for greater enjoyment. When he re-enters, she cannot calm her gasp of joy. Once Johnny has brought Veronica to a first climax, she immediately chases a second one. She urges Johnny to the bed and then balances one leg on his hips so that she is astride him.

Sliding down, she sways her hips on a cowgirl ride that makes her big bounces bounce and her pussy throb. While enjoying another big O, Veronica jumps off Johnny’s cock. Resumes sucking to buy herself a moment to enjoy the aftermath before they continue to tinker.

Knowing that Veronica is diminishing her ability to carry him. Johnny puts his love on her back so that he can look her in the eye as he fucks her. When she takes it out for the last time, she pushes herself a few more before retreating. Moments later, she passes her burden all over Veronica’s belly to consummate her lustful afternoon of making love.

One last wild fuck before the wedding with Veronica Vain
One last wild fuck before the wedding with Veronica Vain
Date: July 30, 2020

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