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Josephine Jackson has a lust dress to fuck


In a lust dress Josephine Jackson comes downstairs where her date, Max Dior, waits patiently. She doesn’t even make it to the couch before giving in to the temptation to get her tits out of her dress and toss them in Max’s face. Josephine knows that Max can’t resist the allure of her chest, so she’ll get the cock she craves!

As expected, Max watches the show Josephine has put on with a growing boner. When Josephine has removed her lust dress and panties, he is rock hard. She takes the time to adore her lush body, sucking on her breasts and feasting on her juicy pussy with lots of fingertip action.

Only then does she take out her stiff for Josephine to start sucking on a BJ that leads to titty shit. When Josephine is ready to take her romance to the next level, she climbs onto Max’s lap and glides over his erection. Bouncing as her jugs shake, she rides him like a real cowgirl.

She then gets down on her knees so that Max can continue the party in a doggy pussy that hits all the right buttons. That position is even more enjoyable for Max as he can set the pace and fill his palms with Josephine’s huge boobs. On her back, Josephine lifts one leg and hooks it behind Max’s neck.

That opens it fully for your continued attention. With long, deep strokes, Max does whatever it takes to ensure Josephine’s absolute happiness before taking her own pleasure. Upon retiring, he lets Josephine guide his cum to hit him directly in the chest. Covered in sperm and smiling, Josephine rubs the evidence of Max’s love for all of her smooth skin.

JosephineJackson has a lust dress to fuck
JosephineJackson has a lust dress to fuck
Date: July 9, 2020

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