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Hot blonde Krissy Lynn prefers to fuck than to work


Hot blonde Krissy Lynn prefers to fuck than to work. Kyle Mason and Krissy Lynn are supposed to go to work. But before they walk out the door they turn around and go back inside. They can’t take their hands away, especially when Kyle fills his hands with the delight of Krissy’s butt.

Krissy makes sure she’s in charge, pushing him against the wall. Then stating that he needs to wait for him to get into something sexier before they continue to make love. Hot blonde Krissy takes off her work clothes and puts on a lingerie with a bra and panties that can barely restrict her big assets.

Kyle loves to see his busty lover in her sexy outfit, but he’s much more interested in taking off her clothes so he can hug Krissy and squeeze her nipples hard. Krissy, pressing her ass against Kyle’s hardon, uses body language to move her boyfriend that she is with all the time while sliding her hand down the front of her panties.

Mouth as she moves to satisfy her craving for cock. Sipping and sucking, she explores every inch of her boyfriend’s stiffness with her mouth and hands before backing up so Kyle can help her up the counter. Pulling aside Krissy’s panties, Kyle tastes her musky juices. Then she strips off her panties and buries her face in her trimmed pussy for a real pussy feast.

When Kyle stands up and lifts Krissy’s leg over his shoulder, he slides easily into her tight sheath. Digging deeper, he leans down to welcome Krissy a deep kiss before letting her go. She drops back, resting her head on the counter as Kyle continues to work magic on his cock. The couple stands up to spice things up a bit.

Krissy’s jugs flap with each movement as Kyle slides his hands around her waist to hold her in place and help her balance as he re-enters his greedy outburst. The position opens it up perfectly, but it lacks the deep penetration that Krissy longs for until he leans against her. Finally, Krissy climbs onto a chair, where she kneels down and leans forward.

The new position makes it easy for Kyle to hit her from behind, dipping balls deep and giving him the hard shoves he craves. They move around so that Krissy can mount Kyle’s stick to her heart’s content as he sits in the chair. Her jugs flap flying everywhere as she heads for the climax she’s been craving all morning.

Jumping from Kyle’s boner, Krissy gets back on her knees. Leaning forward, she wraps her soft pillows around him for a titty fuck. When he slides his hands between her breasts for more friction, Kyle can’t contain another moment. He pulls out his load, covering Krissy’s face in her hot liquid love.

Hot blonde Krissy Lynn prefers to fuck than to work
Hot blonde Krissy Lynn prefers to fuck than to work
Date: July 20, 2020

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