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Delicious puppy to the thick buttocks of Sheril Blossom


Delicious puppy to the thick buttocks of Sheril Blossom. Murgur is enjoying a morning in bed when Sheril Blossom joins him with her thick boobs peeking out from under his shirt. A cup of hot chocolate for each of them. Chocolate even has whipped cream on top!

The candy sticks to each of their noses when they take a sip, but it takes them to a playful moment when they exchange a long kiss. Murgur dips his finger into the candy and rubs it on Sheril’s hard nipples. He has the honor of cleaning up the mess he has made, so he buries his face against his jugs and begins to suck until his nipple is fine and hard.

Meanwhile, her hand wanders through Sheril’s cunt until she feels the warm wetness through her panties. Then, he slides his hand inside to continue to feel that slippery idiot. When Sheril pushes Murgur onto his back so that he can take his cock in his hand, he willingly falls.

She wraps her hot lips around his cock, sucking and sucking the contents of her heart as she kneels between his thighs. When fed up, he slides his panties down her thick hips. Slides down Murgur’s body until he can impale himself on her hard cock. Leaning forward, Sheril enjoys that angle of penetration as she presses her thick boobs against Murgur’s chest.

She then turns around for a reverse cowgirl action that lets her shake her big breasts with every stroke. She spreads her thighs wide and works her thick hips in a sensual rhythm. Quickly makes her gasp for joy. Kneeling down is next for Sheril. She loves having Murgur behind her, working her juice-filled doggy style with her big hands anchored to his thick hips.

Sheril then rolls to her side with Murgur curled up behind. Her as she continues at full speed until Sheril falls apart in her arms. As Sheril’s body throbs, Murgur rolls her onto her back so she can lick her bare boot from the juicy musk of her desire. Once Sheril has slipped back into a sexual frenzy. Murugur sets out on a final journey through Sheril’s fucking hole.

He pulls back as he approaches to cum, letting Sheril press her big knockers. Murugur can get to the edge with a powder from her thick tits. When she reaches her point of no return, she points at Sheril’s bosom to cover her with his burning sticky love.

Delicious puppy to the thick buttocks of Sheril Blossom
Delicious puppy to the thick buttocks of Sheril Blossom
Date: May 30, 2020

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