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Crystal of Crazy Huge Boobs


Crystal of Crazy Huge Boobs

When Max takes over her weight, Crystal is ready to surrender to her passion. After handing Max a bottle of oil, Crystal waits with bated breath as she wets her boobs.

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Then he guides her to the bed so he can bury his face between those giant bags as he gently guides Crystal back. Once she’s on her back, Max continues to squeeze, suck, and nibble on her knockers and hard nipples. Then she makes her way, freeing Crystal from her thong so she can settle for a bald man and a bald pussy feast.

down to touch the blanket. Using one hand, he strokes Max’s stiffness as he leans forward to start sucking. Leaning back for a shallower angle of penetration, he begins to rock his hips for her pleasure.

As they get closer, Max can easily rub Crystal’s clit as she fucks him from above with her fun bags swinging and jerking with each downward stroke. His long strokes bring her back boobs, leaving her fully satiated when he retires.

Date: May 30, 2020

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