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Angela White’s huge boobs overflow her shirt


Angela White knows she looks good in a shirt that barely restricts her huge boobs, a thong, and some high heels. She struts towards T Stone and demands his attention while moving her boobs. Once she knows her eyes are turned away from her phone. Angela takes it from her and offers her an even better show as a reward for her cooperation.

Demonstrating to T exactly how she wants her huge boobs. Big areolas to be licked, Angela gives her a chance to do what she says. She then rewards him by taking off his shirt and letting him bury his face in that G cup reward. Angela falls to her knees when T allows her to undress him.

Soon she is stroking and sucking on his stiff as she reaches out to take her own knockers. It isn’t long before she manages to reach a deep throat as she delights in the pleasure she’s giving T with her mouth and herself with her hands. Her tit-shaking blowjob simply improves when T places her hand on the back of her head to guide her wiggling movements.

As she gets up more on her knees, Angela presses her abundant breasts to create a sheath. T is pleased to fuck her while looking her in the eye. When it’s over, Angela once again opens her mouth for another round of oral delight. Guiding Angela to the couch, T moves her thong aside and leans forward to caress her tender clit.

Her bald slit cries with pussy juices while T continues her oral ministrations. When he takes Angela’s thong off completely, T spends a lot of time focusing entirely on leaving her hot and needy with the help of her magic tongue. The couple exchange a deep kiss before T suggests Angela get down on her knees on the couch.

She is happy to comply, and when he slides into her from behind, her moan of joy fills the room. At first he fucks her slowly, but his punches speed up quickly as Angela sways to meet him every time. They end up on the ground with Angela riding T as her personal stud. She uses the sofa as a lever as she rides it with her breasts falling from top to bottom.

T loves the show, especially the part where he can lie back and watch while Angela does all the work. Returning to the couch, T lifts one of Angela’s legs up in the air so that he can slide back into her greedy cunt. The position sets them free to look each other in the eye as T leads Angela toward the climax she longs for.

She can easily rub her own clit, the perfect duplication of pleasure that leaves her moaning with pleasure. Once she’s climaxed, Angela returns to what she knows to be T.’s favorite position. On her knees, she presses her breasts together for another big-tit fuck.

When T reaches the end of his stamina, he bathes Angela with a sperm facial that drips down her shoulders and breasts.

Angela Whites huge boobs overflow her shirt
Angela Whites huge boobs overflow her shirt
Date: July 18, 2020
Actors: Angela White / T Stone

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